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britishbeautyblogger thinks our hot cloths are just a complete and simple joy

Posted on 13th Jun 2012 @ 10:37 AM



Extract from review by britishbeautyblogger 7th June 2012

"I recently bought some of these fabulous Washi hot cloths for cleansing after seeing someone Tweet about them. They are just a complete and simple joy. Somewhat thinner than regular flannels, they aren't meant for long-term use particularly, but they retain heat nicely to make your cleanse (particularly with balm cleansers) more effective.

I also bought one of the newer products, the Washi Skin Polishing Towel, that is more abrasive than normal towels and should be used dry on damp skin to give a gentle exfoliation. 

They're not expensive at £5.45 for a pack of seven Washi cloths or £1.75 for a Skin Polishing Towel and they feel more hygienic (and more tactile) than the old muslin cloths which are almost impossible to get clean again."



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