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Sali Hughes, Beauty correspondent of the Guardian big fan of washcloths she tells Jeremy Vine on Radio 2

Posted on 27th Apr 2012 @ 1:03 PM


So many people are rediscovering the benefit of using a cloth for washing their face each day, including Sali Hughes, Beauty Correspondent of The Guardian. She told Jeremy Vine how she has some 50 cloths all stacked up prettily in the bathroom.

She says that she uses a fresh one each day to remove her make up and refresh her skin. To maintain good hygiene, she uses it just the once before putting it into the wash. She also says how this is so much better for the environment because landfill sites are being filled up with millions of disposable cleansing wipes every day, so using just 7 face cloths a week and washing them over and over again is so much better for the envirinment. Not only that, she says how disposable cleansing wipes generally do a very poor job of cleansing the skin compared to a cotton cloth. She also specifies that she only likes pure cotton cloths, and will not use synthetic microfibre or sponge-style cloths as she says they harbour lots of bacteria, which would obviously be very bad for good skin hygiene.

She got Jeremy Vine to wash his face with a cotton washcloth right there on the show as they chatted, and even he agreed how great his skin felt afterwards!

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