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Using the Washi! Washcloth every day will help you get the skin you want, and is the perfect bit of kit to help you apply all kinds of beauty treatments.

Is your skin feeling very dry?

Facial Oils are a great way to give dry skin a hefty boost, and particularly relaxing if you massage into your face while bathing. Best applied to dampened skin. (a steamy bathroom enhances absorption too!) Massage in for at least 5 minutes, then dampen a Washi! in warm water and squeeze out excess moisture. Use this to remove the surplus oil, while gently exfoliating the skin. You can repeat this with a cooler cloth before applying moisturiser to your still-damp skin.

Skin will feel wonderfully supple after this treat.


Kazumi says "Choose your facial oil carefully, do make sure it does not contain mineral oil, as this will ultimately dry out your skin. Sweet Almond Oil makes a good base for facial oils."

Flutter Flutter!

Brows and lashes frame your face and eyes, so be sure to tidy brows into beautiful arches, and lushen up your lashes with a great mascara. Curl your lashes before applying mascara for extra impact. 

Kazumi's tip: Use a hairdryer to warm up basic eyelash curlers. On warm setting (important -do not use hot setting) blow heat onto curler for just a few seconds - yes, it's that quick! Test temp on inside of wrist to avoid discomfort or injury to delicate eye area if touched.  

 Kazumi’s Yummy Strawberry and Honey Mask.

Great on normal to oily skin


For each person you will need:

3 or 4 Strawberries (organic are best)

1 tsp Honey

1 or 2 Washi! Washcloths

Use a fork to gently mash the strawberries in a dish and add the honey. Don’t over mix as it may go a bit too runny! (At this point you can also add ½ a tsp of Oatmeal to the mixture, which is specially good if your skin is prone to acne, but be very gentle throughout application so skin is not irritated as this may cause an outbreak)

 Now, make sure your hair is clipped or tied back. Cleanse skin to remove makeup, then use a Washi! Washcloth dipped in warm water to make sure skin is absolutely clean. Spread mask over your face and neck, avoiding the eye area as it may sting a little.  Leave it on face for 10 or 15 minutes. Rinse it off, again using a Washi! Washcloth to remove all traces of mask. Then when all the mask is removed, rinse the Washi! Washcloth in Cool water and place over entire face  for a minute or so. This helps to close the pores. Now apply your moisturiser. Your skin will feel gorgeously fresh and ready to go!

Ps. If there’s some cucumber in the fridge, raid two slices to put on your eyes while your facemask goes to work!

And here's the sure way to get the most kissable lips!

Honeykiss Lipscrub

You will need:

1 heaped tsp of White or Brown Sugar granules      

1/2 tsp Honey

2 or 3 drops of Olive Oil

One Washi! washcloth and a soft toothbrush. (optional)


1) First thing, remove all lipstick and gloss from lips.

2) Mix the three ingredients together in a small bowl.

3) Standing near the sink, apply lip scrub with the toothbrush or your finger, and gently brush the mix over your lips. (Do not press too hard as the brush and scrub will do the work, and do not use if your skin is broken.) Also push lips together to help disperse the scrub.

4) After about a minute of gentle brushing, dampen your Washi! Washcloth with warm water and gently remove all traces of Lipscrub. The cloth will also gently buff and refine the surface of your lips.

5) With lips still slightly moist apply your favourite lip balm to your now smooth and lovely lips!


Kazumi says "Make sure you try our unique Washi! Spirals - they're the perfect piece of kit for applying concealer and eyelash treatments!"


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